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After  years of teaching many students at all levels, I discovered that most people respond INFINITELY better to "one on one" instruction than they do in a class room or with a "do it yourself" approach. I also realized that almost all students had to be taught how to practice efficiently as well.


   The true solution to successful learning is approaching your instrument in a logical, systematic fashion that insures that everything you learn to play is correct and understood. Learning to play any instrument well is a challenge, however, Scruggs style banjo, Bluegrass fiddle or mandolin is so exacting, detailed and stylistic, if it isn't played exactly right, "IT JUST AIN'T GONNA' SOUND RIGHT!!!"



      Another serious consideration is that everyone learns and understands at a different pace.  In the real world, we all have different day to day responsibilities and can only devote a specific amount of time to our instrument. This is where individualized instruction becomes the most effective means of learning. The teacher coaches the student on how to maximize his progress with the given amount of time allocated for practice.

      It seems that most students have purchased a number of instructional books, tapes or DVD's that really end up sitting on a shelf simply because it is extremely difficult to learn these styles, one or two dimensionally. You MUST have feedback or input to help keep you on track!!           

 -Fiddlin' Al Eisenman




Left to Right:

Buddy Spicher, Gordon Terry, Dale Potter, Allen Eisenman, Benny Martin, Unknown  

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